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Illuminating your scars in gold



金継ぎ (n.) 'to repair with gold'


The ceramics art form of carefully repairing a once perfect piece of pottery by illuminating the newly formed broken cracks in gold.

The pottery becomes more valued for having been broken and repaired because the scars are now seen and seen beautifully.  Read more >>


Are you seeking to work with a new therapist, or looking for a therapist for the first time? 

To guide your search for the best therapist fit for you, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to quickly assess what Catherine can offer you in her role as therapist/soundboard /collaborator.
For more details about what this new therapeutic relationship could look like, see the available (and flexible) Services and Rates or learn more About Catherine.


  • Do I need therapy?
    Perhaps. Let's explore that possibility together. Do you feel you could benefit from another person truly hearing you and validating your emotions? Would you like someone to help you find solutions or resolutions for life patterns you are experiencing that just can't seem to stop? Do you need someone in your life that is skilled at listening without bias or judgment? Who can help you navigate life's twists and turns and heal from its scars? If you said yes to any of these questions, then yes, I do believe you would benefit from having a therapist in your corner that will work with you as an advocate, soundboard, cheerleader, and collaborator.
  • What areas of struggle / symptoms / topics can you help with?
    Clients I work with, and have trained to work with, experience or have experienced: Depression, loneliness and being 'the other' or the odd one out Anxiety in all its forms Relationship difficulties (platonic, familial and romantic relationships of any description and size) Low self-esteem, low self-worth, low self-love Stress and the quest for finding balance Connecting with yourself intimately, connecting with others, and exploring sexual desire whether it is new, not working or never known Gender identity, presentation and rebellion against the gender boxes Trauma and abuse School expectations and work struggles: finding motivation, finding meaning Developing emotional regulation skills and intelligence
  • How and where will therapy sessions take place?
    I can offer three options for sessions: In-person sessions at my private practice located in Utrecht, the Netherlands Digital sessions via your preferred video platform in any time zone for any global client A flexible mix of in-person and digital sessions to fit into your changing agenda
  • What are your rates? Do you accept insurance?
    No, I do not work with insurance. I work with clients who pay out-of-pocket. To offer services made accessible to all, I work with income-based rates on a sliding scale. I negotiate a price with every client to fit their wallet. See the Services and Rates page for more details.
  • How many therapy sessions do I need / can you offer?
    Honestly, it depends on what we want to work on and how fast we want to get there. Some clients seek solutions and strategies, and that could take anywhere from 10-15 sessions. Other clients desire a slower, more contemplative therapeutic path so we could potentially work together for years. This is known as maintenance therapy. I offer routine weekly sessions, bi-monthly sessions or ad-hoc sessions when needed. I am flexible to fit to your needs and speed.
  • What are your qualifications and accreditations?
    Professional Accreditations I am a registered and active member of the Netherlands Institute of Psychology (NIP; #227012). I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (#466577) where I attend courses and trainings to develop and broaden my professional skills. Education I hold two master’s degrees: one in Counseling Psychology from Webster University in Leiden, the Netherlands. The other is in Public Health from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I also have two bachelor’s degrees: Psychology and Community Health Education. Work Experience In addition to my private practice, I have worked a handful of years in Human Resources Management and as a Job Coach for several Dutch and international organizations. Since 2016, I have held the position of Health and Well-Being Counselor for American study abroad students to aid in their cultural adaptation. I have also worked as an HIV and Sexual Health Counselor in the Netherlands and as a Sexual Assault Counselor in the United States. Training in Therapeutic Techniques I am trained and proficient in the following therapeutic interventions: Person-Centered Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Schema Therapy (link is a video) Narrative Therapy Yearly, I enroll in trainings and courses to deepen my knowledge of existing and new therapeutic techniques and advancements in the scientific field. Lastly, I work with a clinical supervisor who routinely guides me in my work as a counseling psychologist. I also am an active member of an international therapist intervision group.
  • What is your approach to therapy?
    Click on the 'About Me' page. You can scroll down and read about a therapeutic lens I use and the five core pillars I have built the structure of my practice on. It's also how I choose to position myself in the professional field (and business) of counseling psychology.



Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands


Available for digital sessions in any time zone for any global client 

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